Are You in Search of Business Financing For Your Canadian Business or Your Client's business?

"Take Advantage of My 29 Years of Business Finance Experience to Help You Locate and Secure a Business Financing Solution That Meets Your Needs"

Are you trying to acquire the assets or shares of an existing business, restructure your balance sheet, consolidate existing debt, or invest for growth?

Is your cash flow out of control, or do you have a major deal at risk because you can't locate business financing?

Are you seeking between $100,000 and $10,000,000 in debt and/or equity financing for an existing business?

Do you need business financing | business loans | capital or operating leases for Equipment, Buildings, Property, Purchase Orders, Accounts Receivable Financing, Inventory, Working Capital, or other applications?

Or are you just planning for a future financing need and want to better understand your options?

If One or More of These Statements Describes Your Situation Then We Should Talk And Go Over Your Financing Requirements.

Hi, my name is Brent Finlay.

I'm a Business Financing Specialist assisting small and medium sized companies across Canada secure business loans and leases.

My Clients fall into 1 of 3 Categories.

1. Despite having an existing banking relationship, they have been turned down by their bank and have not been able to secure business loans or an alternative business financing product from other lenders.

2. They are too busy growing and operating their business and do not have the time to locate and arrange business financing themselves.

3. They are professionals (accountants, lawyers, insurance agents, real estate agents, business consultants) trying to assist one of their own clients in locating suitable business financing.

Most of my time is spent developing financing options, assisting in the application process, and working with you to manage the terms and conditions required to get the funds into your hands. I typically work on financing requirements from $100,000 to $10,000,000.

As a business financing consultant, my focus is on understanding your business financing needs and managing the details so that your business is able to achieve its goals and not be derailed by the numerous issues that can stop cash flow and capital procurement in its tracks.

Saved My Business Acquisition

Awhile ago, I acquired a business and it's doing extremely well. But the purchase almost never happened because small business financing for business acquisitions is far more difficult than I had imaged. Luckily, I came across Brent’s services and he helped me locate and secure the financing I needed to close the deal. I would suggest to anyone looking at acquiring a business to give Brent a call and take advantage of his financing expertise.

Rob Bushell
M'Clean Maintenance
Guelph, Ontario

I Was Wasting Precious Time Looking For Financing

We are a high end sport product manufacturing and distribution company that was in need of greater financial leverage of our assets to grow our business. We were spending way too much time trying to arrange incremental financing to the detriment of time spent growing our business. Working with Brent, we were not only able to take advantage of new sales opportunities, we also got a crash course in business financing for growing companies and have since leveraged that knowledge into a better banking relationship. Brent continues to be trusted advisor to our business and I would recommend his services to other companies focused in manufacturing, distributing, and product importing.

Bob Maxwell
Inova Brands
Chelsea, Quebec

My Approach

My role is to de-mystify the lending process & provide you with a road map that clearly points you to the financing options and lenders that are relevant to your specific business need.

How do I accomplish that?

Let me explain my simple 5 step process.

1.  First, I conduct a 10 to 30 minute interview with you, either over the phone or in person, to acquire the pertinent information for your financing request.

2.  Next, I directly contact financing companies that I believe would be interested in the financing opportunity and go over your requirements with them.

3.  Within 24 to 48 hours I will follow up with you, and explain what I believe your financing options are.

4.  If you'd like to proceed, I will assist you with the application process for lender that is seriously interested in your financing request and that has the programs to fit your needs.

5.  Because my origination services are 100% performance based, I can only earn a fee if you accept financing I have introduced you to. And, if I can't identify any viable options, I will tell you immediately so I don't waste your time.

If you would like to hire me as a consultant to develop a financing strategy, review your in hand financing options, prepare an application package for your own use, or provide coaching to you to assist in a financing or business development process, the work product and related cost will be determined on a case by case basis.

As a client, you can expect ...

Prompt Response – I will communicate with you several times a day if necessary. If at any time during the process of securing financing for your business I determine I can't help you, I will tell you immediately so I don't waste your time.

A Professional Approach – I am a Certified Professional Accountant and operate under a professional code of conduct.

Bulldog Mentality – I don't stop until every "i" is doted and "t" is crossed.

Performance Based Placement Fees – If I can't find suitable financing for you, no fees are incurred for placement activities.

Industry Knowledge – I have worked for an institutional lender and understand how they look at credit and approve financing.

Technical Knowledge – I have a degree in Economics and an MBA majoring in Finance.

Creative Approach – Every deal is a challenge and I enjoy finding a way to make it work.

Real World Experience – I have worked in regional, national, and multi-national companies in various financing roles including Capital Planner, Director of Finance, CFO, and Virtual CFO.

Unlimited Coaching And Support – I will spend as much time as is necessary to answer your questions and explain what I believe to be your options at any point in time. Assumptions and unexplained details kill many financing details so a complete understanding of relevant issues can be critical to business financing success.

Here's What Some More of My Clients Have to Say

Trans Canada Expansion

Even though we never met in person, Brent was still able to help me get the financing I needed for my Alberta Business from my home in Newfoundland. He definitely saved me a lot of time and hassle trying to figure out how to find and secure financing.

Jeff Willcott
LTD Welding Inc
St. Alban's, Newfoundland

I Was Ready To Give Up On Debt Restructuring

I was about to give up on restructuring my debt load when I met Brent. At first I was skeptical that he could be of any help as I felt there wasn’t much that could be done to refinance my cash flow. To my surprise, he came up with a solution that solved the problem almost right away. The relief, however, was short lived. To my shock, the lenders and the lawyers screwed up the transaction and I ended up being only marginally better off from where I started. At this point, I was pretty disappointed and ready to give up, but Brent calmed me down and quickly came through once again with a solution for my new problem that actually further improved my overall refinancing plan. I have to say I was quit pleased at this point with the effort and solution that Brent resolved for me. I have a whole new perspective as to how bizarre and complex the world of finance is at times and how valuable expert help can be as well.

Thank you once again Brent for all your help!

Bruce Oxley
Guelph, Ontario

Financing Solutions And Business Development Advise

Recently, I embarked upon a project which involves software development and the marketing of automated blood pressure machines, to physicians and general medical facilities. There was a need for financing options for my customers, after researching the web, I am so grateful in having found Brent Finlay. Not only have I been able to supply my clients with the financing they need, but Brent has also spent countless hours assisting in the marketing approach for my product.

Brent is indeed a trusted adviser and I would recommend his services to other small business owners seeking financing and business development assistance.

Michael Johnston
Multi-Line Product Services Corp
Hantsport, Nova Scotia

Keeping Growth On Track

Our business was doing exceptionally well, but we still could not secure the institutional financing we desired to sustain growth. Once we started working with Brent, he not only came up with a financing option that fit the requirements of our business, but he also helped us to secure it. The whole process was more complicated that I could have imagined, but with Brent’s guidance everything worked out and we are now well position for growth with a lender that is prepared to work with us.

A. Mahmoudzadeh
Paradigm Inc.
Cambridge, Ontario

Trusted Advisor

We were going through the planning for a major facility expansion and needed to get the financing arranged, so we called on Brent for advice. He not only helped us decide on the financing that best fit our needs, but he remains a trusted advisor for the business.As a business owner, I really appreciate his direct approach and fast response and would definitely recommend his financing and business development service to others

Pete Grose
Westland Construction
Winnipeg, Manitoba

More Opportunities Than Time And Money

We had just finished a business acquisition and everything was going well.Too Well. We had more sales and opportunities to deal with than time or money. The go forward path was not clear at all and I needed a financing strategy.After meeting Brent, we started having strategic discussions and before long a financing plan developed that has been put into place and getting us to the next level. It's a tremendous benefit to be able to pick up the phone and discuss different scenarios with Brent without wasting a bunch of time and money trying to figure everything out myself. I would definitely recommend Brent's services to companies that want to avoid pitfalls and get the timely financing information and assistance they need to grow their business.

Bharath (Buffy) Sivasankar
Comco Technologies
Medicine Hat, AB.

If you like to discuss a financing scenario, problem, or challenge, you can give me a call at 905 690 9874 or click here to send me an email through the contact form.

If you call and get my voice message, leave your name, number, and best time to call.  Your call is important to me and I will call you back.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Take Care.

Brent Finlay
BFE Financial Services